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... Do people ever try to rent the goats for other purposes, like just for fun? We have executed events for many private, wedding, public, commercial, and corporate clients. Call your local store for same day pickup availability. Don't surrender to the use of poisonous herbicides or CO2-spewing equipment. One of the biggest benefits of using goatscaping services is that the goats’ eating habits change with the season, just like plants. Send us your email and we will help find goats near you! Click Here for Goat Grazing Informational Videos. These wonderful Animals have starred in many recent feature films. All In A Day’s Work. Be a hero. We are a local goatscaping company serving Upstate South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina. We deliver from 10-50 goats and/or sheep depending on the job. The Process; Picture Tour; Video Tour Wild About Monkeys is educational, yet entertaining for Animal Lovers of all ages. Goats are Great! Nature's Weed-Eaters. That's a fact of life. The fire dangers are in the news every day. This includes set-up and your blackberry stalks cut down by us so the goats can easily access them. SERVICES. Our network of local goat grazing affiliates is expanding quickly across the United States. No matter what you call it — targeted grazing, prescribed grazing, rxgrazing, conservation grazing, goat browsing, goat rental, rent-a-goat, goatscaping, or simply Stop the spread of brush, unwanted vegetation, and wildfires. SEE A LIST BY STATE. Then the goat rental service provides an estimate. Goats are the ORIGINAL weed eaters, and they will eat through most woody plants and noxious weeds, like elm, locust, buck brush, sericia lespediza, kudzu, poison ivy & oak, dogwood, sumac and more. Goat rentals are an actual business in the Charlotte area, with people renting the animals from Wish we had acres farm in west Charlotte. Once the animals are delivered they get right to work. You won't need one for goats. Watch their little faces light up when they see all types of animals. Review customized quotes and evaluate your options. On that day, the goats arrive. 65 were here. You can choose from the wide selection of local, regional and national acts, including a variety of specialty entertainment. Stand your ground. How much area the goats can cover in a day varies with the type and density of the vegetation. "The Rundown" Rent-A-Ruminant Franchise is an international company and the first and only goat rental franchise to date in the world. GET GOATS. If you want us to just remove one noxious weed out of your pasture, we move the goats a lot faster so they don’t eat the vegetation (usually grasses) you want to keep. Reserve your goats now! COST PER DAY: $150.00: Generally jobs includes 8-10 goats and sheep (we mix sheep with goats to increase the types of vegetation consumed) Land (Human) Clearing: $50.00 per hour/per man: As needed, for land clearing in excess of 10-15 ft for setup of fencing and access to job site And with a little effort, research, and savvy, your goat can also be a source of delicious, nutritious milk. Call (412) 348-8447. You're fighting the good fight against noxious weeds, brush, and invasive plant species. Educational & intriguing, farm animals for your party keep kids entertained. Residential Rentals. From the Sierra Nevada Mountains, across the Central Valley farmlands, and along the 900 miles of beautiful Pacific Coast. But from November to May, they are at home snuggling up in their Barn. Goats On The Go® and its affiliates throughout the U.S. use goats to control nuisance and invasive vegetation on customers’ properties. See a listing of all goat rental companies in your area! Find animals for parties that deliver a fun-filled day for the kids. FAQ Click here for answers to our most frequently asked questions, and learn about the advantages of using goats for unwanted vegetation removal and how it works. Goat rental works. Rent A Goat helps businesses and homeowners landscape their properties in a safe and eco-friendly way, at a competitive price, by clearing their land with goats! Our unique blend of exotic animals and magic have made us one of the most... We are a nationwide entertainment provider! Why use machines for bush hogging when you can use our environmentally friendly goats? Visit our site for more information! CONTACT US. We are fully licensed and carry $3,000,000 liability insurance (even thought we've never had a mishap during one of our shows). Owned by Chad Frost & Jim Cormier. Credits Of Movies We look forward to hearing from you. (At the moment, you can only rent a goat from the online retailer.) The goats are trained to respect the netting and stay inside of it. -It is roughly 50% cheaper to rent goats to clear brush than it is to rent heavy equipment. "Rock Of Ages" Rent goats for consuming thick vegetation on your property or for entertainment. 48 were here. Goat rental is an easy, safe and effective way to remove fire hazards and get rid of weeds and other unwanted vegetation on your land, and our grazing service will do all the work for you: we bring in our own goat herd, set up temporary goat-safe fencing and take care of the goats … Barnyard Weed Warriors is a rent-a-goat herd grazing service that provides weed & fire control for your property. Now in our 40th year, Animal Magic's programs have educated and enlightened audiences across the United States! Goat rental, or goat grazing, businesses function about how you’d expect. Customers call in with a description of their land — the size, the terrain, and any other relevant specs. Stand your ground. Why blast your brush with chemicals or wreck your equipment when you can rent goats to do it for you? That said, goat-ownership is not without drawbacks. 651-964-2620. Private Goat Walks. Go Goats. Invite Animal experts Kevin & his daughter Illianna with their Monkey family to your next event! HOME. Residential Rates: 25 goats: $375 per day (24 hours) 38 goats for 1 day $525. Select your favorites and share some details about the event. It turns out goats are better at clipping than sheep. Founded in 2005 by Steven Burchard, Magical Memories Entertainment is dedicated to providing quality professionals for your special event. Goats For Rent! ABOUT. The Goat Lady also offers herds of up to 100 goats. Browse through a variety of vendors in your area. Fully Insured. In the winter when forage is sparse, goats require feed, running between $15 to $30 a month. Tammy, her franchises, herding dogs, and the goats form a team who all pitch in to get your land cleared and ready for whatever project you have … Looking to celebrate your event online? Choose who best fits your event and book with us to receive our money-back guarantee. Then talk with the vendors right here on The Bash. RentAGoat™ proudly provides brush clearing for all of California. Cost-effective, eco-friendly, and super cute weed removal. Once the cost is settled, the two parties agree on a date of service. Matt and his wife Kim purchased We Rent Goats in February 2018 and now have around 600 goats and kids. We're a licensed, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to exotic wildlife conservation and entertainment. Our goats have driven through Beverly Hills, across the Golden Gate Bridge, cruised down Highway 1, and have toured all across the state! Go Green. USE THE MAP. PGP offers experiences with corporate teams to come together for a fun and meaningful day of farm work and caring for the goats. You're fighting the good fight against noxious weeds, brush, and invasive plant species.Don't surrender to the use of poisonous herbicidesor CO2-spewing equipment. We rent herds of goats to remove noxious weeds from fields, acreage, pastures, open spaces, ditches, ravines, embankments… you name it and the goats can clear it. Most often they remain on the jobsite until the project is completed. Typically, 100 goats will eat around a half acre a day depending on the amount of vegetation (if the weeds are tall and thick, it will take longer). Not only do goats need lots of TLC, they also need a fair amount of cold hard cash. Steven formed this company to be different then many of the other... Click to learn how to get more animal for a party gigs. Owned and operated by Mary Powell. Each rental comes with a money-back "happiness" guarantee. But they tend to get bored and don't get out to stretch their goaty legs. Rent a Hydraulic Brush Hog Rental from one of our over 1,200 THD rental locations. Currently serving California. In addition to goatscaping, you can rent a goat for parties, painting parties, photo and film shoots, and even for goat yoga. On average, Healing Hooves’ herd of over 200 goats can treat an acre of blackberries in two to four days. ... FIND GOAT RENTAL COMPANIES NEAR YOU. Healing Hooves' herd of 250 goats and sheep starts around $700 and Rent-A-Ruminant offers 15-, 60- or 120-goat herds for $250 to $725 a day. Don't see goats to hire near you? Whether you want exotic or farm animals for a party, The Bash makes it happen. Magical Memories Entertainment is a full service event company booking any and all events, large or small, in all venues from back yards to large stadiums. Unlike borrowing a couple of goats for the day from Aunt Betty's son who has a friend, to clear out some pesky brush, a professional goat rental company will … 1 Fill out our inquiry form. On RentaGoats.com Website it’s a little vague on how much it costs to rent goats for the day, but the video above mentions one customer paying $250 for a Herd of Goats rented out for the day. Goat rental is priced by the day. -Goats can reach places that heavy equipment can't - they love all terrain types! Goat rental adds another tool to your toolbox to help you manage the vegetation on your property. You can rent a herd of goats for brush clearing in this area. MGL c.129; Restraining orders. "Evan Almighty" ABOUT THE BUNCH. Goats easily maneuver through thick, hard-to-reach brush that is difficult to access. See photos, videos and verified reviews from real clients. Check out different vendors offering. We'll send out your request to get the ball rolling. Powered by . MGL c.272, § 80I With some unusual exceptions, you may not rent or lease a dog; Livestock health and sales. About Us & Our Goats. The Goat Squad provides Eco-friendly Vegetation Removal, Native Plant Consultation & Installation, Brush Removal & Mulching, and Friendly Goats for Parties & Events! Home; Why Goats? Guided walks with a halter led goat of your choice through the beautiful arboretum’s historic land which includes one of the only urban meadows in the city. Be a hero. The goats are normally out eating invasive plants from May to November. (Budweiser, Microsoft, Bass Pro Shops, Perrier water, Angler magazine, City... Live Stream Parties-Magical Memories Entertainment. We have had goats on a job for as short as 1 day and as long as a couple of months...It … Editor’s note: This is an updated version of a story originally posted on March 17, 2010. ... We need to know if there are areas with trees down on fencing, broken fencing, gaps, rotted or loose boards, piles near fencing (like piles of logs) that the goats could climb, or areas where the ground elevates closer to the top of the fencing. Animal Magic was voted Nickelodeon's Entertainer of The Year! IN THE NEWS. Hire goats. MAP. This is probably comparable to what a small landscape service would charge but they would still have to haul off the invasive weeds and dispose of them properly, whereas the goats turn them into fertilizer … Kids love critters. Please call or email us for more information. Goat rentals are an eco-friendly way to rid your property of vegetation, including poison ivy and thistles. Create a free website. Goat Rentals. Does your town require a burning permit? "Dinner for Schmucks" For parties, you can use The Bash to locate professionals who will bring, show, and explain interesting facts about our four-legged friends. We visit our team routinely to perform health checks, provide water, minerals, and to check the condition of the netting. We provide Disk Jockeys, Karaoke, Photobooths, Caterers, caricature artists, clowns, magicians, face/body painters, horse-drawn carriages (recreational and funeral), photographers, balloon twisters, live sound, live music, and lighting services nationwide and in Canada as well. We do a lot of work with fire departments and cities and counties. FIND GOATS FOR HIRE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD . We all tend to lay low in the Winter months. Hiking with goats is a great way to get out and exercise with a Goat Buddy. Click below to find the for-hire herd nearest you. Goats To Go, located at Great Rock Farm in Georgetown, MA, is a family-owned and -operated service that supports weed and brush removal projects, as well as events such as Talks & Workshops and Goat Yoga & Snuggle classes with our baby fainting goats. Having just finished a popular Live Show national tour, the stars of "Wild About Monkeys" are booking engagements for a limited time. The Munch Bunch is a goat-for-hire company providing land clearing services in the extended Twin Cities metro area and western Wisconsin.

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